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Enseignants : Philippe Cholet, Natalia Dryll, Marc de Gautret, Raphael Molina

Planning des cours d'anglais

Vérifiez bien la date de démarrage de votre groupe !

Cours avec Raphael Molina

Début des cours : lundi 19 avril 2021

Cours avec Pascale Eisenberger

Début des cours : lundi 19 avril 2021

Cours avec Natalia Dryll

Début des cours : lundi 19 avril 2021

Cours avec Marc de Gautret

Début des cours : lundi 19 avril 2021

Cours avec Mme Hojati

Début des cours : en attente


Homework for your English class

GROUP assignment
  • Write up a summary about stages 1-3 of your project (one text for the whole group- around 800 words total)
  • check below for the project summary step by step guidelines!
  • Prepare a 10-minute group presentation on what you have written (EACH group member must speak)
INDIVIDUAL assignment
  • Write a text (minimum 250 words) on what you have done for the project until now. Your role, your work. This text will be graded.

Project summary

  • Write one summary per group.
  • They must be more than 800 words.
  • The summaries may be handwritten (but legible!) or typed. If typed, please double-space.
  • Be sure to write the group name and member names on the first page.
  • All group members must sign the final document.


  1. Context- goals of the project, problems to solve, resources available, time frame, deadlines, team members
  2. Planning - Assignments of roles to each team member, work schedule, how you imagine the work will progress, are there any tools you used to help with the organisation? Are there any problems foreseen?
  3. Technical research: Which technological tools have been chosen for the project and why? Any obstacles to overcome? Programming languages that must be learnt?
  4. Project progress- How the work actually progressed, description of week by week advancement
  5. Final results- What is the final result? Does it respond to the initial assignment? Why? Why not?
  6. How the plan differed from execution- Did work on the project go according to plan? If not, why not, and what was done to solve any problems?
  7. Final reflections- What you learnt, what you would do differently next time


Pour la notation, reportez-vous à la la question En L3, comment est calculée ma note d'anglais ? dans la FAQ

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